About this site

This site contains some of my programs developed as hobby projects or during studies. All of my work is open source and therefore intended to be used by other programmers.

In the future you might find more written stuff here. Maybe sometimes even without any code but it will still be interesting for programmers.

Some of the programs are only available in German, such as the Wegfindungs-Programm (path finding program). They originate from the beginnings of my programming time at school when English was not as important for me as it is now. If you are interested in it and you want it in English, just mail me.

The name "P++" has nothing to do with the programming language. It is a mixture of my name and my favorite programming language C++.

Unless written otherwise, all programs and their source codes are released to the public domain. Do whatever you want. It would be nice if you mention me/us as source in your credits. Source code is defined as all parts of the project necessary for compilation. Self-created assets are published under Creative Commons Attribution. Assets are defined as all media files (packed or directly accessible) necessary to run the program. Used work by others (e.g. libraries and assets) may be published under different licenses, which are noted in an extra license or credits file.