About me

I studied software engineering at the HS-Esslingen. I wrote my bachelor's thesis with the title "Decision Making in a Group of Artificial Intelligences in Different Simulated Environments" at Chasing Carrots.

I started my first humble programming attempts at the age of 12. Over the years I learned several programming languages. Starting with Visual Basic 6 and VBA commencing with C, C#, and Java, touching Assembler and Action Script 3 I ended up with C++, which I use most of the time now. During studies I worked for the the HS-Esslingen as academic assistant continuing the development of the ordering system, a database application for internal workers. Since the practical semester until the end of the bachelor I was working at Chasing Carrots as a programmer. Since it is a really small company I got in touch with a lot of different areas of game development like gameplay programming, animations, physics, and now, artificial intelligence.

After the end of my bachelor studies, I was working at TeamViewer developping the Windows Client.

Now I'm studying the Visual Computing master at the TU Wien.

If something interesting jumps out of my computer I will share it with you on this site including its source code.