Bob, find yourself again!

Find what you're made of. Find yourself. See how your perceptions and skills change.

Bob, find yourself again! is our game from the Global Game Jam 2014. The Theme was "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are."

Bob, our little zombie has lost some of his limbs. Help him to collect them. Be cautious! every body part may open new paths but may also close some.

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Cell Wars

Cell Wars is a game for multitouch devices using a TUIO-tracker. But you can also use your mouse.

You control a bunch of bacteria. Make them survive 5 minutes until the bacteria storm arrives and gives your victim the final blow. Get the greatest amount of the strongest bacteria as possible. Eat cells to get resources for your evolution and replication.

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Downhill Race

Downhill Race is a fluffy racing game by Carina Pratsch and Philipp Erler. Up to 4 players in split-screen steer sheep through a rural area into the goal.
This game is completely free and open source. It is run by a self-made game engine on OpenGl 3.3 with shadowmapping and volume rendering. We created this game during the computer graphics exercise of our studies at the TU Wien.

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Drunk'n Pirates

Work in progress!

Ahoy, ye salty sea dog! Get some grog 'n' listen.

Drunk'n Pirates will be a ridiculously hard but funny game. The main game mechanics are sea fights enabling different tactics like using a heavy broadside, sniping the enemy ships from distance, or simply ram them til they break. Players can choose their ship from all kinds of piraty water vehicles, beginning with a submarine (a barrel with a pipe on it) and ending with a giant dreadnought. You can also upgrade the different aspect of your ship to make it fit better your style using the ultimate currency in a pirate's world - rum. Gather a nastily bearded and powerful crew to hijack other vessels. And last but not least: Become the lord of the seas by doing the epic quest of the mighty Mensa-Monster.

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Press 'A' and 'L' simultaneously to avoid obstacles or your love will fade away.

LOOVE tells you two secrets of love. Watch and listen carefully. You will understand. LOOVE is a 2-player game. Play it with someone special for optimal experience. Download, unzip and start loove.swf, located in the release folder. Enjoy.

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