P++ is the home of open source programs from different areas of computer science. Most things here are games or connected with the development of games.

One Highlight of the Games

Cell Wars

Cell Wars is a game for multitouch devices using a TUIO-tracker. But you can also use your mouse.

You control a bunch of bacteria. Make them survive 5 minutes until the bacteria storm arrives and gives your victim the final blow. Get the greatest amount of the strongest bacteria as possible. Eat cells to get resources for your evolution and replication.

One Highlight of the Programs

Broken Magic

Broken Magic is a graphics demo by Robin Melan and Philipp Erler. It features omni-directional shadow maps, deferred shading, volumetric rendering and depth of field in an own C++ OpenGl 3.3 rendering engine.

One Highlight of the Other Stuff

FEM Fluid Simulation

"FEM Fluid" is an experimental fluid simulation using the finite element method for pressure projection. This project is implemented in Matlab with an own FEM solver creating videos of 2D scenarios.